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Women-Identified Circles

Our circle's intention is to help women remember the Ancient Women Mysteries that they hold within them. 
You will be taken on a journey to re-discover these mysteries. We are creating a space for women to be whatever they want to BE...
To be loved, to be held, to know it's okay to get vulnerable and share your experiences and stories as we support, listen, sing, dance, and hold space for you to experience whatever shift is necessary and in alignment for your path. All barriers can be dropped when we gather in circle and here we learn and create a safe container to be are authentic selves without judgment. 
Each woman is held with the upmost respect and above all else is listened to and loved just as they are.

At our women-Identified circles everything that is spoken is 100% confidential! When you join our circle one must swore to secrecy! To tell no soul what is told, what is shared, and what goes on when powerful Goddesses are no longer subject to the negativity of the outside world and can be free and true to themselves. 
This is the Sisterhood Pact we must make to fully be present with ourselves and Our sisters. We come together to celebrate our strengths, weaknesses, and beauty. ♥

The consciousness of this ancient sisterhood has been awakened and activated throughout the planet.

Why now!? 
There are enough women who have consciously awakened and can now remember their connection to this ancient sisterhood and the invisible spiderweb thread that connects us all to the Women Mysteries.
My vision is to empower all women-identified from all walks of life. 

So, they can remember who they are at their very core. Reconnecting them back to their Shakti Wisdom within. 
There is something very sacred and special when a group of women choose to come together in circle!

Allow Yourself to be a part of that Magic and Healing. Your time is NOW!

Are you ready!? 

Please Bring:
* Comfortable clothing 
* A healthy dish (optional)
* A Yoga Mat
* A cushion to sit on (optional)
* Angel/Tarot cards or any other sacred tools you work with. 
* A journal 
* Your altar objects to decorate the space (something meaningful to you)
* Belly dancing belts, shakers, drums, etc (optional)
* Extra donations of incense, smudging herbs, candles, red wine (optional)

Facilitated By:
Antonieta Paco has been involved in the Red Tent Movement in the southwest since 2008. In 2016,

she founded the Red Tent Goddess Group in Detroit, MI which has reach a membership of 150 women.

In Sept.2018, she relocated to Santa Cruz, CA where the Red Tent Women's Circle was active up until the Pandemic. In this NOW moment, Antonieta has created an open invitation to all women-identified to gather for these Transformational and sister bonding circles.

Antonieta is a certified Yoga Teacher, Hypnotherapist, and Life Coach. She is also an activist, dancer, and poet.

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